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Welcome to the Bible Truth! An organization that helps people experience the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus. Why study the bible? Putting God in the center of your life helps you find direction and lead you to the right path.

Whenever you feel down, challenged, or scared, you can turn on to Jesus to lead you the way. Join our community and study the bible.

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Follow Jesus as a role model

As adherents, we look to follow Jesus’ model regardless. Despite the fact that Jesus lectured frequently to huge groups, he decided to enable and set up his adherents for service in a little social environment. The early church went on with this apprenticeship model; Acts 2:42 lets us know that first era adherents met in quite a while and “dedicated themselves to the missionaries’ instructing and to association.”

Direct us in wisdom

The Bible is a guide forever! It contains ‘all that we really want forever and authenticity’s (2 Peter 1:3). However similarly as now and again we want somebody to assist us with perusing a guide, we benefit from others’ insight of diving somewhere down in God’s Word. They will have found pearls of shrewdness that we have not yet found. We can offer bits of knowledge that they have not yet scholarly. This is the magnificence of venturing through the Bible together.

Create meaningful connections

People were not intended to be separated from everyone else. We were made to be reliant upon God first.  In an undeniably virtual world – where online media communications can frequently be shallow and increment sensations of detachment – little gathering Bible review offers a strong method for manufacturing profound and nurturing associations with different devotees.

Provide encouragement to other people

The gathering concentrate on setting likewise gives a place of refuge to individuals to share their battles. Seeing the confidence of another devotee urges us to continue to go when circumstances become difficult (Romans 1:12); offers us the chance to comfort those in a tough situation ‘with the solace we most definitely have gotten from God (2 Cor 1:4); and improves us as we hear how God has reinforced, directed and coordinated others all through their lives.

Be more responsible

Little gatherings offer the ideal climate for significant conviction and conduct change. Each adherent expects others to assist them with understanding scriptural truth and how to apply it. We all need our insight honed, vulnerable sides in our reasoning revised, and protection from changes in our conduct tested. We mature considerably more rapidly in our confidence when we can pose each other inquiries like, ‘What steps are you taking to change that?’ and, ‘How did that go for you this week?’ Accountability prompts more productive use of truth.

A Discover of Meaning

The Bible is a different collection of ancient writing that challenges present day readers with an inquiry: for what reason are these more limited books, predictions, letters, and different compositions gathered for? Is it just history? Is it there to guide us? Or is there a deeper reason why the bible is written?

There are lots of questions about the bible. We believe the answer is in Prov. 26:4-5 & Axioms 26:4-5. These great inquiries have no basic responses, however when we read the Bible through a specific worldview, we see a profound solidarity. The tales connect together. Readers see characters getting back to a similar mountain, or a similar well, age after generation each time adding new scenes and new importance to a long adventure. Interesting examples arise through rehashed words and pictures. For instance, Eden, the sanctuary, the sanctuary, and a woodworker from first-century Nazareth all share a great deal practically speaking, yet not right away.

To figure this out, we should initially inspect the Bible’s construction. Then, at that point, we’ll think about the first creators, compilers, and editors of both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament to see the beginning of this writing.

Eventually, we won’t respond to everyone’s questions.  However, we will comprehend the reason why the Bible feels incoherent now and again to us all. We will likewise start to perceive how the more modest stories, sonnets, and different records recount to one bound together story that prompts Jesus.

Are you game?

Bible Study Schedule

Join our small group bible studies every Sunday. The location of our gatherings will be announced.

We also have bible meetings every weekday at 9:00 in the evening and every Mondays at 7:00pm. If you miss our Sunday meetings, you can always catch up with these schedules.

Be A Volunteer

We’re always keeping a list of amazing people in case something opens up. Our organization are open to high-spirited individuals who are willing to lead the bible study groups and teach new members with the bible.

We are looking for volunteers that are:

  • Creative problem solvers
  • Technologically savvy
  • People-first people
  • Focused
  • Self-motivated
  • Driven by our mission
  • Humble and collaborative
  • Adaptable
  • Always open to feedback & direction

Advantages of joining the Bible Truth

We work hard! But we like to keep it fun as well. Appreciate normal group trips, a cutting edge and amiable office space, week after week catered snacks, and a loaded kitchen with every one of the tidbits, espresso, and fermented tea you could need. In the previous years, we have also renovated and repainted everything in the interior to make it more homy for everyone.

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